What are Commercial Buildings?

What are commercial buildings?

Commercial buildings are all around us.

Your doctor’s office is probably in a medical office building.  That coffee you picked up this morning might have been from a tenant in a retail building.  The latest shipment that arrived on your doorstep most likely came through one or more warehouses or distribution centers before you received it.

Commercial buildings include:

  • Office buildings
  • Warehouse and industrial buildings
  • Retail buildings
  • Mixed-use buildings (that combine several different space uses in one location – like office, retail, and apartments)

In some cases, each of these categories can be further sub-divided:

  • Office buildings
    • Medical office buildings
    • Government buildings
  • Warehouse and industrial buildings
    • Distribution centers
    • Warehouses
    • Manufacturing facilities
    • “Flex” buildings
  • Retail buildings
    • Malls
    • Shopping centers
    • Power centers

Commercial buildings cover a wide spectrum – from relatively simple (like a single story industrial building) to extremely complicated (like a large office park with multiple buildings sharing the same building systems